Hey all, Congratulations. Whoever has claimed the third 'Firekeeper' NFT (Validator: Staking4all).

25 Nov 2023, 04:07
Hey all, Congratulations🎉🎉! Whoever has claimed the third ‘Firekeeper’ NFT (Validator: Staking4all) We have completed the Firekeeper NFT mint (1000) 🎉 Validator Spotlight program where Validators share their experience/ their project and experience on Polygon POS Network. Season 1 includes 5 validators. (As of now we have completed 3 Validators with 3 NFTs. Grab all 5 NFTs for special giveaway at the end of the season!)🎁 We will share the details soon for our next Mint and Validator (Kiln x Ownest) as well! Stay tune!